Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series

2021 THEME: Wellness, health and human flourishing; the series will  focus on a number of critical interventions that will lead us to reflect on an inclusive vision of wellness and health, particularly for Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and marginalized people.


Brainstorm Newsletter

An interdisciplinary and bilingual newsletter about advances in health ethics theory and practice.


Legalization of Drugs and Human Flourishing

The authors desire to remain neutral regarding the positive and negative contributions of recreational drug use to wellbeing, but they nevertheless state that, generally speaking, “responsible drug policy is about more than just drugs: it is about the flourishing of entire communities”.


Brainstorm Magazine

We are delighted to announce the launch of the second issue of Brainstorm Magazine, untitled What is the place of dialogue in healthcare in Canada?

Next of kin’s reactions to results of functional neurodiagnostics of disorders of consciousness: a question of information delivery or of differing epistemic beliefs?

In this commentary, we would like to further explain our methodological decisions for our recent publication where we reconstructed the perspectives of family caregivers of patients with DOC on functional neurodiagnostics.


Clinical Neurotechnology meets Artificial Intelligence Philosophical, Ethical, Legal and Social Implications

The combination of neurotechnologies and AI raises a host of pressing problems. Now that these technologies are about to leave the laboratory and enter the real world, these problems and implications can and should be scrutinized.


Pragmatism strives to develop practical approaches that promote human values and human flourishing using state-of-the-art methods from different disciplines.

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Research undertaken at the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit addresses a range of challenges in health care, research, and health policy. It relies on the use of interdisciplinary approaches that are grounded in facts, open to deliberative processes, and focused on producing practical changes that promote respect of persons and human flourishing in all its diversity.

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