Conference Series 2023

2023 Theme: Participatory, inclusive, and eco-social health: how to innovate and build bridges between democracy, environment and our health care systems?


JUNE 22, 2023 at 12 PM. Green Bioethics: Sustainable Health Care, Cristina Richie, PhD (VIRTUAL MODE)

Personal and relational changes following deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression: A prospective qualitative study with patients and caregivers

This study qualitatively examined how DBS for treatment-resistant depression impacts patient personality, self-concept, and relationships from the perspectives of both patients and caregivers.

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Physicians' attitudes towards ethical issues and end-of-life decision-making for pediatric patients with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome: An international survey

We examined physicians’ perspectives on the mental capabilities of pediatric patients with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome (UWS) and their attitudes towards limiting life-sustaining treatment (LST) in an international context.

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Stigmatization in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey experiment using attribution theory and the familiarity hypothesis

Attribution theory and to a lesser extent the familiarity hypothesis can help better understand stigma in the context of COVID-19. This study provides insights about who is at risk of stigmatization and stigmatizing others in this context.

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