Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series

2021 THEME: Wellness, health and human flourishing; the series will  focus on a number of critical interventions that will lead us to reflect on an inclusive vision of wellness and health, particularly for Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and marginalized people.

Ethical Challenges Arising in the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Overview from the ABPD Task Force

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a host of ethical challenges. In this paper, the authors discuss resource allocation and several related ethical challenges to the healthcare system and society.


Brainstorm Newsletter

An interdisciplinary and bilingual newsletter about advances in health ethics theory and practice.


Do We – and Should We – Have a Canadian Bioethics? Canadian Journal of Bioethics

Do we have a genuinely Canadian bioethics – and not only a practice of bioethics in Canada? This question, and this paper, are about the connection between bioethics and the actual healthcare, research, and public health experiences of Canadians.

Death after birth asphyxia in the cooling era

In asphyxiated newborn infants treated with hypothermia, 62% deaths occurred in unstable infants electively extubated before completing hypothermia treatment. Later deaths occurred after consultation with palliative care or clinical ethics services, suggesting these decisions were challenging and required support.


Pragmatism strives to develop practical approaches that promote human values and human flourishing using state-of-the-art methods from different disciplines.

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Research undertaken at the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit addresses a range of challenges in health care, research, and health policy. It relies on the use of interdisciplinary approaches that are grounded in facts, open to deliberative processes, and focused on producing practical changes that promote respect of persons and human flourishing in all its diversity.

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