Brainstorm Magazine – Our Mission

For several years now, our team has nurtured the idea of developing a magazine capable of bridging the gap we currently see between bioethics scholars, health practitioners, and the Canadian public. In the current landscape, public discussions about health ethics in Canada do not always get at the specific challenges we face as Canadians, especially given our regional, linguistic, and cultural diversity. We also find that, too often, discussions about these challenges occur without the involvement of important stakeholders (i.e., the people implicated in or affected by the discussed issues). Issues such as the right to die, the healthcare needs of minorities, and the implications of clinical research all call for significant public dialogue. Further, mainstream discussion about healthcare and health ethics sometimes fails to examine complex histories of systemic violence, cultural differences, relations of power, service provision for different linguistic groups, and the everyday lived experiences, needs, and values of marginalized groups. The goal of Brainstorm/Remue-méninges is to bring academic discussion out into the open; to facilitate inclusive dialogue and present scholarly topics in more accessible ways.

A very special thanks to our contributors:


Louis Angot, Anouck Alary, Graham Brace, Janie Gagné, Michael Cordey, Hubert Doucet, Isabel Jordan, Julie M. Robillard, JoLee Sasakamoos and RQASF.