List of completed projects (2006-2014)

A qualitative study of caregiver and patient perspectives on ethical and social issues in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease
Eric Racine, Mary Pat McAndrews, Debra Mathews, Abbas Sadikot, Mary Ellen Macdonald, Emily Bell

Non-medical use of prescription stimulants by Australian university students: Attitudes, prevalence of, and motivations for use
Jayne Lucke, Sharlene Kaye, Bradley Partridge, Matthew Dunn, Wayne Hall, Michael Farrell, Eric Racine

Transformation of everyday psychopathology: From ancient nervosis to contemporary anxiety and depressions
Johanne Colin, Marcelo Otero, Henri Dorvil, Eric Racine, Constantin Tranulis

Generating genius: A critical examination of how an Alzheimer’s drug has become a “cognitive enhancer”
Lucie Wade, Cynthia Forlini, Eric Racine

The search for a cure for Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): A critical examination of messages in the media
Lucie Wade, Eric Racine

Examining discourses on brain death
Ariane Daoust, Eric Racine

Experience and attitudes of healthcare professionals regarding ethics issues and end-of-life decision making in patients suffering from chronic disorders of consciousness
Eric Racine, Ralf Jox, Katja Kuehlmeyer, Nicole Palmour, James Bernat, Richard Riopelle, Sam Shemie

A qualitative study of caregiver and patient perspectives on ethical and social issues in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease and neuropsychiatric disorders
Eric Racine, Emily Bell, Lila Karpowicz, Mary Ellen MacDonald, Debra Mathews, Mary Pat McAndrews, Abbas Sadikot

Examining mental health provider and patient perspectives on ethical and social issues in the treatment of mental illness using deep brain stimulation (DBS)
Emily Bell, Camillo Zacchia, Lila Karpowicz, Eric Racine

Neuroprognostication and end-of-life decision-making in pediatric intensive care
Isabelle Chouinard, Michael Shevell, Eric Racine

Neuroethics of therapy and prevention of mental illness in early adolescence, childhood and adolescence
Kohji Ishihara, Osamu Sakura, Tanno Yoshiyuki, Manabu Oi, Tamami Fukushi, Kevin Chien-Chang Wu, Eric Racine

The neuroethics of detecting, suppressing and enhancing memory
Jennifer Chandler, Eric Racine

Evidence-based ethics in imaging genetics: Perspectives of research participants
Nicole Palmour, Eric Racine

The ethics of neurosurgical innovation: What does the evidence say?
Lila Karpowicz, Emily Bell, Mark Bernstein, Eric Racine

Examining the epistemological foundation of neuroethics: A patient-centered pragmatist perspective
Eric Racine, Nicole Palmour and Amaryllis Ferrand

Specialty training and physician decision-making in the care of critically ill neurologic patients
Eric Racine, Marie-Josée Dion, Judy Illes, Christine Wijman and Maarten Lansberg

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and dietary supplements: Health claims, risks, and medical information in the top 25 websites
Nicole Palmour, Brandy Vanderbyl, Emma Zimmerman, Serge Gauthier, Eric Racine

Examining stakeholder perspectives and public understanding of the ethical and social issues of cognitive enhancement using methylphenidate
Cynthia Forlini, Eric Racine

The regulatory frameworks for neurodevices and neuroimplants
Ghislaine Mathieu

A multi-site qualitative study of ethical and social issues in functional neurosurgery using neurostimulation
Eric Racine, Emily Bell, Bruce Maxwell, Mary-Pat McAndrews, Abbas Sadikot

Examining ethical and social challenges in healthcare and research for adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy
Danaë Larivière-Bastien, Emily Bell, Michael Shevell, Annette Majnemer, Eric Racine

Brain Matters 2: Ethics in the translation of neuroscience research to psychiatric and neurological care
Eric Racine, Rémi Quirion, Constance Ladouceur-Deslauriers

Translating social neuroscience to applied ethics: An epistemological and critical examination of the field
Emma Zimmerman, Eric Racine