Ethics of patient engagement and participatory research approaches

Research team

Marjorie Montreuil, Nurse, PhD (Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit, McGill University); Aline Bogossian, PhD (Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit, Université de Montréal); Eric Racine, PhD (Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit, Université de Montréal, McGill University)


IRCM Foundation

Patient engagement in healthcare is increasingly discussed in the literature and numerous initiatives engaging patients in quality improvement initiatives, organizational design/governance and research are more common. This engagement from patients raises a number of ethical challenges, which we examine through different types of literature reviews and reflective activities. This project targets both adult and child patients’ involvement.


Montreuil, M., Martineau, J. T., & Racine, E. Exploring ethical issues related to patient engagement in health care: Patient, clinician and researcher’s perspectives, in preparation.

Montreuil, M., Bogossian, A., & Racine, E. The ethics of participatory research approaches with children: A realist review, in preparation.

Montreuil, M., Teachman, G., & Carnevale, F. A. Recognizing the voices of all children, including those with ‘cognitive impairments,’ in research. In A. Cascio et Racine, E. (Eds.). Research involving participants with impaired cognition: Ethics, autonomy, inclusion, and innovation. Oxford University Press, in preparation.