Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series

The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series is an annual series of bilingual conferences / webinars that aim to bring together multiples public agents regarding different subjects in health ethics. The series’ objective, supported by many academic institutions located in Montreal, is to promote interdisciplinary reflection as well as foster new ways of thought that better assemble the larger public.



The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series aims to bring clinicians, academics, patients, politicians, public figures, students and community members together to think about and discuss issues in health ethics. This series was formerly known as the Montreal Neuroethics Network. It has hosted dozens of scholars from local and international institutions since 2007.

2021 THEME: Wellness, health and human flourishing

More than ever, the question of well-being is at the heart of our lives and our concerns, but what role do we really give it in our personal and professional lives and more broadly in our society? Does the dream of a good life guide our health and social choices? Is this ideal accessible to all? How does our health care system respond to different visions of health and wellness? What place does this ideal take in our social, economic and political life? This series of lectures will highlight the perspectives of leading international experts reflecting on ethical issues related to wellness. The series will also focus on a number of critical interventions that will lead us to reflect on an inclusive vision of wellness and health, particularly for Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and marginalized people.


2021 series
February 24, 2021: Rose-Marie Charest

Rose-Marie Charest
Psychologue et conférencière

March 4, 2021: Carol Ryff, PhD

Carol Ryff, PhD
Hilldale Professor of psychology, University
of Wisconsin-Madison; Director, Institute on

March 25, 2021: Claudia Barned, PhD & Kevin Rodrigues, PhD


Claudia Barned, PhD
Bioethicist, University Health Network’s




Kevin Rodrigues, PhD
Clinical Ethicist, Toronto Rehabilitation
Institute, UHN

April 22, 2021: Ghislain Picard

Ghislain Picard
Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador

May 6, 2021: Alain Ehrenberg, PhD
Alain Ehrenberg, PhD
Sociologue; Directeur de recherche, Centre national de la recherche scientifique-CNRS (France)
May 27, 2021: Erik Parens, PhD
Erik Parens, PhD
Senior Research Scholar, The Hastings Center
JUNE 16, 2021: Marie-France Raynault, MD, PhD

Marie-France Raynault, MD, PhD
Directrice, Centre de recherche Léa-Roback sur les inégalités sociales de santé de Montréal; Professeure émérite, École de santé publique, Département de médecine sociale et préventive, Université de Montréal

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021: Vincent Dumez

Vincent Dumez
Co-directeur, Centre d’Excellence sur le Partenariat avec les Patients et le Public (CEPPP), Faculté de médecine et Centre de recherche du CHUM, Université de Montréal; Co-directeur, Direction Collaboration et Partenariat Patient (DCPPP), Faculté de médecine, Université de Montréal; Co-directeur, Réseau Québécois COVID-Pandémie – FRQ; Co-Chercheur principal; Stratégie de recherche en partenariat avec les patients et le public, Unité de soutien SRAP du Québec

SEPTEMBER 30, 2021: Joanne Castonguay

Joanne Castonguay
Commissaire à la santé et au bien-être, Gouvernement du Québec

October 14, 2021: Gregory Aiguier, PhD

Gregory Aiguier, PhD
Enseignant-chercheur, Centre d’éthique médicale, Faculté de Médecine et de Maïeutique (France)