Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series

The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series is an annual series of bilingual conferences / webinars that aim to bring together multiples public agents regarding different subjects in health ethics. The series’ objective, supported by many academic institutions located in Montreal, is to promote interdisciplinary reflection as well as foster new ways of thought that better assemble the larger public.



The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series aims to bring clinicians, academics, patients, politicians, public figures, students and community members together to think about and discuss issues in health ethics. This series was formerly known as the Montreal Neuroethics Network. It has hosted dozens of scholars from local and international institutions since 2007.

2022 THEME: Information and Health: Still the crux of the matter?

After decades of promoting patient rights and organizational transparency, is information still the crux of the matter in healthcare? It is clear that many barriers to an optimal flow of information: the opacity of information on the functioning of the health system, the overabundance of contradictory information on mental and physical health, the emergence of telehealth platforms, and the role of the media in providing accurate information on health in times of pandemic. The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series will call on various stakeholders from political, scientific, and government circles, as well as patients to determine whether information and its accessibility are still a fundamental health issue. We will try together to understand why and for whom this issue persists and discuss the possible solutions and promising practices.

12/01/2022.- L’information est-elle toujours le nerf de la guerre? - Retour sur la Série de conférences 2022
11/09/2022.- What is brain death? The imperative to communicate honestly and transparently with the public
10/13/2022.- Une analyse politique des barrières à l’accès aux données pour la recherche en santé
09/15/2022.- Les prises de risque d’une pédagogie de l’éducation thérapeutique du patient

05/20/2022.- Maladies mal comprises, soins de qualité et information en santé
04/21/2022.- Les données cliniques 'en vie réelle': Pourquoi est-ce à la fois si nécessaire, difficile et risqué ?

04/01/2022.- Sport, information et santé mentale

03/17/2022.- Innovations et information en santé

02/17/2022.- Les aspects légaux de l’information en santé