Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series

The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series is an annual series of bilingual conferences / webinars that aim to bring together multiples public agents regarding different subjects in health ethics. The series’ objective, supported by many academic institutions located in Montreal, is to promote interdisciplinary reflection as well as foster new ways of thought that better assemble the larger public.



The Montreal Health Ethics Conference Series aims to bring clinicians, academics, patients, politicians, public figures, students and community members together to think about and discuss issues in health ethics. This series was formerly known as the Montreal Neuroethics Network. It has hosted dozens of scholars from local and international institutions since 2007.

2021 THEME: Wellness, health and human flourishing

More than ever, the question of well-being is at the heart of our lives and our concerns, but what role do we really give it in our personal and professional lives and more broadly in our society? Does the dream of a good life guide our health and social choices? Is this ideal accessible to all? How does our health care system respond to different visions of health and wellness? What place does this ideal take in our social, economic and political life? This series of lectures will highlight the perspectives of leading international experts reflecting on ethical issues related to wellness. The series will also focus on a number of critical interventions that will lead us to reflect on an inclusive vision of wellness and health, particularly for Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and marginalized people.

12/2/2021.- Closing panel. "Réflexions sur le bien-être, la santé et l’épanouissement humain dans le contexte de l’éthique de la santé"

11/4/2021.- "COVID-19 and deaf bioethics: Language, communication, and accessibility", Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, PhD

10/21/2021.- "Le partenariat patient, un levier majeur de transformation des soins", Vincent Dumez

10/14/2021.- "L'éthique comme apprentissage : vers une capacitation des acteurs et des organisations du soin", Gregory Aiguier, PhD

09/30/2021.- "L’innovation au service de la santé et du bien-être", Joanne Castonguay

06/16/2021.- "Politiques publiques et inégalités sociales de santé ", Marie-France Raynault, MD, PhD
05/27/2021.- "Binocularity: A Conceptual tool for comprehending and respecting persons", Erik Parens, PhD

05/06/2021.- "Bien-être, santé mentale, autonomie", Alain Ehrenberg, PhD

04/22/2021.- "Perspectives et défis des Premières Nations en matière d’éthique dans les soins de santé", APNQL

03/25/2021 .- "The sound of silence: Bioethics and its engagement with race in Canada", Claudia Barned, PhD, & Kevin Rodrigues, MTS

03/04/2021 .- "Virtue ethics as foundational for understanding well-being and health", Carol Ryff

02/24/2021 .- "Éthique et santé psychologique, des liens à approfondir", Rose-Marie Charest