Patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC) pose medical, ethical, social, and scientifi c challenges. The past decades have yielded scientifi c advances that have kindled a better understanding of the complex mechanisms by which severe brain injury produces DOC (Racine, Rodrigue, et al., 2010). Moreover, these clinical innovations herald a paradigm shift in how physicians assess awareness and have led to improvements in prognostic practices and to the reevaluation of diagnostic classifi cations (Jox, Bernat, et al., 2012, Fins et al., 2008).


Wilson G, Racine E.  Disorders of consciousness in an evolving neuroscience context. Dans: Camille Chatelle, Steven Laureys, édit. Assessment of Pain and Communication in Disorders of Consciousness, Hove UK : Psychology Press, 2016, p. 128-156


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