Research participation

The Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit has a number of research projects running at any given time. We use a variety of interdisciplinary research approaches including, but not limited to, qualitative interviews, focus groups, and survey studies. We are currently recruiting participants for the projects below. Please consult the list for more information on how to participate.

If there are no research projects running at this time for which you are eligible but you would like to potentially participate in a future project, please send us an email at

Survey study

Survey on medical aid in dying in the context of mental health care

This survey aims to identify the perspectives and support needs of mental healthcare workers in Quebec.

Eligible participants include anyone over 18 years of age who has experience working in mental health and has direct contact with patients by providing them with care or other services.

To learn more about the survey, please click the button below.

Engagement group

Collaborative project to develop a new model for ethics in research on autism

We are looking for feedback on a collaborative project to develop a new model for ethics in research on autism. Our goal is to develop best practices for respectful and inclusive autism research ethics. We are seeking your help and input to share your experiences with research, positive or negative. Your personal experience is important because we do not know enough about it. We are particularly interested in the experiences of autistic Canadians.

“Person-oriented research ethics” is a term we use to describe a model for conducting research focused on the unique perspectives and needs of the people with whom researchers engage. The goal of this task force is to create a model for person-oriented research ethics for studies involving participants on the autism spectrum. We are asking people on the spectrum, family members and caregivers, autism researchers, and autism professionals to be part of a community engagement group for this project, which will be led by a collaborative task force. This task force will be working on a report addressing this person-oriented research ethics model.

If you would like to be updated about this project and have the opportunity to provide feedback, please sign up for our mailing list at the link provided on the bottom of the website linked below.