CALL FOR PROPOSALS. Brainstorm Magazine (bilingual). Issue 2. The place of dialogue in health

We invite you to explore themes of dialogue and collective deliberation in healthcare communities in Canada and abroad, and to share your views on these ethical issues by addressing them from the angles of decision-making processes, the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients, and healthcare for marginalized populations, etc.

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We are always looking to grow our interdisciplinary team of postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate and graduate students, interns, and research staff.

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  • Technical research assistant (science and technology studies, public engagement, bioethics)

The concept of vulnerability in mental health research: A mixed methods study on researcher perspectives

In this study, we report a survey- and interview-based investigation of mental health researcher perspectives on the concept of vulnerability. We found that autonomy-based understandings of vulnerability were predominant but that other understandings coexisted, reflecting considerable pluralism.



The theme of our series for the year 2019-2020 is the role of dialogue in care as well as the healthcare system

  • Free and public conferences open to all!

Empowerment in decision-making for autistic people in research

Empowerment in research is important in many autism and autistic communities and an important part of ‘nothing about us without us’. It is also an important component of person-oriented research ethics. This article reviews the literature on ethics in autism research for information related to decision-making empowerment for autistic people.


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