The Montreal Health Ethics Seminar Series

The Montreal Health Ethics Seminar Series is a bilingual monthly seminar/webinar series aimed at bringing people together to think about and discuss issues in health ethics. Our aim is to promote health ethics through seminars that foster dialogue between groups of participants with different perspectives (e.g., academics, clinicians, patients, community members).

TWO postdoctoral or graduate fellowships

We are always looking to grow our interdisciplinary team and are currently recruiting two postdoctoral or graduate researchers! Our first project examines the ethical and social implications of health care transitions for youth with chronic conditions, including rare diseases. Our second project examines the ethics of registry-based type-1 diabetes research.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit is born

The Neuroethics Research Unit, based at the IRCM since 2006, is changing its name to become the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit. The reasons for this change lie both in the fact that pragmatic approaches have always been important features of our scholarship, and in the expansion of our research program to other contexts of medicine, science, and technology, beyond the field of neuroscience.

We are eager to broker new collaborations and use the tools of pragmatic ethics to contribute to the flourishing of individuals in healthcare and health research settings.


The Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit is excited to participate in a new international collaboration on brain computer interfaces. Watch the introductory video by clicking below!

NEW PUBLICATION: Ethical challenges of caring for suicidal patients

A new paper by Victoria Saigle and Eric Racine titled “Ethical challenges faced by healthcare professionals who care for suicidal patients” has been published in Monash Bioethics Review.


Dr. Ariel Cascio is co-chair of the annual conference of the International Neuroethics Society, in November 2018. Registration for the conference is still open!

Pragmatism strives to develop practical approaches that promote human values and human flourishing using state-of-the-art methods from different disciplines.

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Participant recruitment: study on mental health research ethics

Participant recruitment: study on mental health research ethics

Individuals with mental health issues are often included in lists of vulnerable populations for various reasons: some policies consider

Past event: Neuroethics, art and public inquiry

Past event: Neuroethics, art and public inquiry

On Friday October 19th, members of the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit attended an exciting neuroethics "speed-dating" event ...

Brave New Brains Conference

Brave New Brains Conference

Dr. Racine met with leading brain researchers in Melbourne this week for the Brave New Brains conference. This reunion is organized by ...


Research undertaken at the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit addresses a range of challenges in health care, research, and health policy. It relies on the use of interdisciplinary approaches that are grounded in facts, open to deliberative processes, and focused on producing practical changes that promote respect of persons and human flourishing in all its diversity.

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